Preventive Dentistry

Exam & X-Rays

We all know that having a map is the most important part of planning a trip but what about when it comes to dentistry? What is our map? The answer; exam & x-rays! These two items are the most important tools that helps guide us in the direction we need to go, in regards to your oral health. Our new patient exams consist of a review of your general oral health, full mouth x-ray and a complete periodontal evaluation, followed by an oral cancer screening. We also implement digital photos of your teeth into our treatment planning process and will be displayed to you at the time of your discussion with our dentist.

Continuing Care

Continued care is just as important as the initial appointment, much like the up-keep of your car. Typically, your continued care visits will be every 3-6 months and include a professional dental cleaning and routine check-up. These visits also help aid in the diagnosis and prevention of serious dental issues such as; periodontal disease, tooth decay, tooth loss and gingivitis.


According to the American Dental Association, a daily application of fluoride or fluoride mouthwashes can help the mouth in the fight against tooth decay and help aid issues of sensitivity. This is done through the mineralization of enamel, resulting in a stronger ‘shell’ of your tooth.


Sealants can be your mouth’s biggest aid in the fight against tooth decay because they create a strong layer of protection against bacteria that can potentially cause tooth decay. Our teeth are often too deep and narrow to reach with a simply brush and floss routine. When sealants are applied, these hard to reach areas are sealed with a special material that will not allow bacteria to enter or accumulate around the area.

Sports Mouth Guards

With the increased awareness of safety in contact sports the past few years, sports mouth guards are becoming increasingly popular among athletes young and old alike. These simple solutions can drastically reduce the risk of preventing damage to your teeth, support bone structure and ease trauma to soft tissue. They are custom made for each patient’s mouth, so you can expect to fit like a glove!

Night Guards

These are used to help protect your dentition as well as the temporomandibular joint (aka: TMJ) for patients who suffer with a grinding or teeth clinching habit. Much like the sport mouth guard, it is fabricated specifically for your mouth through the use of molds. When the night guard is worn on a routine basis, it helps protect teeth and support vital tooth structure in the mouth when bruxism or grinding occurs.

Restorative Dentistry


Dental Bridges are implemented when a tooth needs to be replaced in the mouth. It is constructed by two crowns connecting through the use of a prosthetic tooth (aka: Pontic). This procedure is very similar to the procedure of a crown, where after the adjacent teeth are prepared, a simple yet vital impression is made and sent to a local lab. After the bridge is completed, it can be permanently cemented into place for optimized patient function.


Fillings are extremely common but maybe the most vital part to keeping a patients mouth consistently healthy. They are used to replace minor amounts of tooth structure due to chips, cracks or decay. We proudly offer tooth colored material known as resin or composite filling.


This innovative procedure is used to repair area of the teeth that have been severely damaged by tooth decay, cracks, chips and other anomalies. Crowns can be thought of as a cap for the tooth that takes the majority of the pressure when you chew. We carefully make an impression to send to our dental lab where the permanent crown is fabricated to match existing teeth. While the patients waits for the permanent crown, a temporary crown is formed for the teeth.

Porcelain Inlays & Onlays

Porcelain is thought to be the best option when it comes to restoration options for moderate amounts of tooth decay or structural damage done to the teeth. It is well known in the dental community that the best aesthetics can be achieved through inlays & onlays. The actual procedure is very similar to that of a crown but more of the patients natural tooth structure will be left intact.

Periodontal Care

Periodontal Care is highly focused on the areas that support the teeth; your bone and gums. Periodontal disease has become a bigger problem for patients and is extremely common, some patients may not even know that they have it. This disease, along with gingivitis, can be caused by the gathering of bacteria and plaque, which can lead to the damage of bone and gums that hold the patients teeth in place. Managing your periodontal disease requires a thorough exam and routine visits for professional cleanings. The most important part of managing periodontal disease is proper at-home routine dental hygiene.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is needed when the patient’s nerves or pulp in the teeth has become infected, swollen or effectively declared dead. Most patients who experience these symptoms will describe it as an intense toothache in the area where the tooth is damaged. When damage is too severe for the body to naturally repair it, a root canal is needed to save the tooth. This entails accessing the tooth’s nerves, removing any decay and thoroughly cleaning the affected area. Often times a material called gutta percha, will be used to fill the dead space.


This option might be one of the most popular and affordable choices when it comes to replacing patient’s missing teeth. Whether the patient is missing several teeth or all their teeth, it is thought to be one of the more aesthetically pleasing options and can allow for speaking ability and chewing ability, to be restored to the patients mouth. The fabrication of the patient’s dentures are done over a process of multiple visits to ensure that the patient is looking and feeling their best, and also to allow for our dentist to examine the process of integration to the mouth. Before the denture is finalized, we’ll create an appointment specifically for us to obtain the patients approval.

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